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Frequently Asked  Questions' 🙋

What services does MentorLab provide?

MentorLab provides a plethora of services. Other than career mentoring, academic mentoring, business mentoring, and webinars with upGrad, MentorLab also provides business-enabling services to help out young or inexperienced entrepreneurs.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our business enabling services, click here.

What is the importance of Mentorship?

Mentorship allows us, and our mentees both to spread knowledge, improve in multiple aspects of life, broaden professional networks, learn from experience better, improve communication skills, and much more. 

Ultimately, mentorship is how society will move forward together, and we’re doing it digitally too, just to ensure that we all thrive and succeed in the modern world.

Who can become a Mentor?

Individuals possessing certain skills, or even professionals with the experience and willingness are more than welcome to join our Mentor team. 

Not only will mentors find a place to grow their skills, re-learn, and upskill, but also a place to monetize their skills and contribute to a wide-scale mentorship program

What are the benefits of enrolling in UpGrad?

By joining MentorLab, you’ll be granted access to live Q&A sessions with a variety of members will be attending, including experts, mentors, investors, and advisors. 

upGrad offers personalized industry mentorship, a practical hands-on approach to industry projects, and much more, keeping you learning and upskilling constantly.

I’m an entrepreneur. Is there anything that upGrad and MentorLab can help me with?

Besides courses that are built around entrepreneurship and skill-building with our partnership with UpGrad.

MentorLab also provides business-enabling services where we provide direct mentorship to start-ups in various required areas. 

Find out more in detail here

How can I get more information about various topics?

To clarify your worries, we offer a chat tool where you may ask relevant questions and have our professionals get back to you. 

You can also set up a call with one of our mentors if you wish to talk instead of chat.

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