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What We Offer?

Industry Agnostic

  • LeadSquared is a versatile software that has been widely used for lead management, tracking, and analysis in various industries. It is present in multiple markets with products catering to different needs.

API Friendly

  • LeadSquared provides a powerful REST API, allowing developers to interact with the platform and build customized solutions.It supports the integration of two systems without any hassle.

Mobile CRM

  • LeadSquared’s Mobile CRM ensures field sales users can post custom activities only when they’re physically present in the lead’s vicinity. This is achieved through features like geo-tracking and geo-fencing.

Seamless Integration

  • Marketing Star makes it easy to orchestrate, launch, and analyze effective customer journeys, all in one place. Experience seamless CX that shines and take your multichannel marketing game to the next level.

What services do we offer?

  • Sales Execution CRM

    This helps businesses get higher efficiency out of their call center, feet-on-street, digital sales, and merchant operations.

  • Marketing Automation

    Push leads down the sales funnel faster with powerful lead nurturing features.

  • Mobile CRM

    Build a highly productive field team. Automate, plan, and monitor your agent’s daily sales routine.

Let's clear some  doubts 🤷‍♂️

1. What is CRM Software?

  • CRM is a data-driven software that centralizes customer information, identifies sales opportunities, records service issues, and manages marketing campaigns, providing teams with immediate access to insights.


2. What is leadsqaured?

  •  LeadSquared is a sales execution and marketing automation platform that helps businesses capture, cultivate, and retain leads. It provides a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) suite and marketing automation tools designed to streamline the process of acquiring leads and turning them into dedicated customers.

3. How do I get started with LeadSquared?

  • To get started with LeadSquared, follow these steps.

    1. Log in to LeadSquared using your username and password at
    2. Update your personal settings.
    3. Manage your leads.
    4. Manage your tasks.
    5. Manage your lists.
    6. Use dashboards and reports.
    7. Utilize other features & settings.
    8. Attend training and start using LeadSquared.

4. Why do I need LeadSquared for my business?

LeadSquared can be a vital asset for your business due to the following reasons.

    • -Ensures data protection and zero lead leakage.
    • -Enhances lead engagement.
    • -Provides comprehensive sales and marketing performance.
    • -Prioritizes leads intelligently.
    • Automates sales and marketing processes.
    • -Offers detailed analytics.
    • -Integrates with various business tools.
    • -Boosts business productivity.
    • -Manages customer data.
    • -Automates lead management for efficient selling.

5. Is LeadSquared certified?

  • Yes, LeadSquared is ISO certified and HIPAA compliant.

6. Does LeadSquared provide support?

    • Yes, LeadSquared provides help & support through their online portal.

7. Does LeadSquared offer API integration?

    • Yes, LeadSquared provides API integration for third-party tools that support your business.

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