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RESUL platform features: A November showcase


  • Take a peek at what’s new in the RESUL platform this month.
  • Significant emphasis on campaign streamlining
  • Data capture and flow approval made easier

In our article from the previous month, we covered some of the features RESUL offers to simplify marketers’ activities. In this article, we will be continuing that thread and discuss further on how the RESUL solution can facilitate effective customer engagement.

  • Enhanced template options on MDC

Resulticks’ new enhancement on our multidimensional canvas (journey builder for drip campaigns) now enables sending additional follow-up communications after your initial communication.

What’s more, instead of wasting your customer journeys as one-off assets, the canvas allows you to save them as templates. This means you can simply redeploy them for another campaign, or adjust various aspects of the experience later on.

  • Enhanced campaign approval flow

Every mistaken communication or subpar campaign content could spoil potential customers and dent the relationships with longstanding brand loyalty. Ergo, ensuring error-free campaigns is crucial to smooth brand management.

RESUL provides a streamlined approval process for our users. It has now expanded this capability to encompass all campaign types—single-dimension, multi-dimension, and trigger.

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