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What We Offer?

Real-time Audience Engagement Solution

  • Resulticks offers real-time audience engagement solutions enabling brands to deliver connected experiences through digital transformation, with a focus on driving top-line growth.

CDP, Journey Orchestration, and AI-powered Analytics

  • These tools are designed for revenue growth, allowing brands to have personalized, instantaneous interactions and providing valuable attribution insights across all relevant channels.

Next-generation Data-driven, Omnichannel Marketing Automation Solution

  • This solution is for real-time customer engagement, driving seamless experiences and top-line growth.

Improve your ROMI with Marketing Star

  • LeadSquared offers seamless integration with other platforms. For instance, it provides a seamless 2-way integration with Salesforce, syncing all leads, activities, events, or even custom objects. 

Which industries do we cater?

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Information Technology and Services

  • Financial Services

  • Computer Software

Let's clear some  doubts 🤷‍♂️

1. What is Resulticks?

  • Resulticks is a fully integrated, real-time customer engagement platform designed to help brands worldwide reach, acquire, and retain satisfied customers. It offers real-time audience engagement solutions enabling brands to deliver connected experiences through digital transformation, with a focus on driving top-line growth.

2. What is marketing software?

  • Marketing software refers to tools that help businesses successfully execute campaigns, tap into their target markets, and convert leads into sales. Companies, regardless of size, can benefit from marketing tools, allowing them to maximize their resources and get rid of repetitive tasks.

3. Why do I need Resulticks for my business?

  • Resulticks can be beneficial for your business as it offers advanced audience data management capabilities that help marketers overcome data silos. It uses AI and Machine Learning to enable brands to orchestrate seamless, hyper-targeted experiences across all relevant channels and devices. This can lead to improved audience engagement and increased top-line growth.

4. How do I get started with Resulticks?

  • To get started with Resulticks, you need to create a new account for your client organization based on authenticated logged-in user credentials. The onboarding process involves experimenting with the application, account creation, and activation of client information. You can also refer to the ‘Product guide’ on the Resulticks website for a step-by-step manual to conceptualize, initiate, plan, and execute campaigns.

5. What professional services does Resulticks offer?

  • Resulticks provides extensive, end-to-end professional services, including account management, to maximize the potential of the platform based on your ultimate goals.

6. What is CDP?

  • A CDP is a powerful tool that allows businesses to collect, harmonize, and activate customer data from any channel, system, or data stream to build a unified customer profile. This technology can power your customer relationship management (CRM) platform and other components of your tech stack to help you make magical real-time moments from your customer data.

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